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Mentoring is the vessel used to partner youth with successful young and seasoned adults for collaboration and conversation. Mentoring can be a unidirectional engagement or a bi-directional experience. The pairing of youth with willing adults is completed by evaluating the interest of a youth and the story of an adult for a dynamic partnership of opposing but also similar interest, opportunities, and career tracks. The concept of reverse mentoring allows the leading adult to gain insight, understanding and a broadening of perspective allowing them to be better employers, better leaders, and more conscious community members. The pairing of a youth with an adult for a mentorship through LifeChance results in long standing relationships and partnerships for success.

PCW Research Foundation

LifeChance Inc has partnered with the Pediatric Center for Wellness, a whole healthcare system serving a patient population of approximately 15,000 youth. The establishment of the PCW Research project is to accelerate the vision of providing exceptional healthcare to the underprivileged youth of Metro Atlanta. The evidence based, scientific background of LifeChance founder Chantel Runnels and the corporate initiative of Pediatric Center for Wellness is simple: Impact, Improve and Influence the lives of all within reach. Pediatric Center for Wellness, founded by Ben and Dr. Crystal Hood has served the community of Rockdale County and surrounding metro-Atlanta neighborhoods. As a Year 10 initiative the organization is entering the philanthropic space with corporate sponsorship for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As a corporate sponsor, Pediatric Center for Wellness in partnership with LifeChance can begin to develop a direct pipeline, coordinating state-of-the-art healthcare resources for families met with life changing diseases. Sickle Cell disease impacts approximately 10% of the Pediatric Center for Wellness patient population and is known to impact individuals of color, specifically African Americans at a rate greater than any other ethnic background. Most Sickle Cell patients who receive an actual diagnosis with the disease are often told their lives will expire around the age of eighteen. Exposing youth impacted by Sickle Cell disease to resources and creating opportunities where they may be recipients of innovative research improves the mental wellness of families. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been a key contributor in recently curing a patient of Sickle Cell disease and the opportunity for these treatments will hopefully become accessible to all families who express interest. PCW Research Foundation is the first step to opening doors to underprivileged youth and socioeconomically disadvantaged households to be able to collaborate through Pediatric Center for Wellness corporate sponsorship initiative to begin supporting the fight for the eradication of Sickle Cell disease.

Holiday for Hope

Holiday for Hope Atlanta is a long-standing Atlanta Christmas tradition reaching back to 2005 as an Atlanta extension of Chicago founded Dreams for Kids Holiday for Hope Annual Event. LifeChance Corporation has partnered with City of Atlanta and Dekalb County Schools, identifying families currently operating within the margins. Often children who are in transition due to housing limitations or current family circumstances, unintentionally weed a child out of the allocated resources that are available for specific family dynamics (i.e., homelessness or foster care). During the holiday season LifeChance has collaborated with Parent Liaisons to identify families with unique situations and/or circumstances which have recently presented themselves or have been quietly etching away at the mere fabric of a student’s success.  These families are provided a Christmas through Holiday for Hope Atlanta. Historically LifeChance partnered with the King Center for a community day event. Holiday for Hope Atlanta continues to collaborate with families in need sponsoring a Christmas experience to simply instill hope to families experiencing hardships.

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